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Pay once and use with no follow-up costs. No fees to ASCAP, BMI or any other collecting society. At polysounds, you can purchase licences for as little as 4 bucks. Use our tried and tested search function to find a wide selection of royalty-free music and sound effects featuring current popular themes.


Royalty-free: Music, sounds and sound effects


At polysounds you will find a huge selection of professionally produced music, sounds and sound effects. Whether it's for websites, podcasts, documentary or image films, here you'll find the piece you need. Many of our titles are available in different versions, for example as 30-second, 60-second or loop versions.


The music at polysounds is 100% royalty-free. That means you pay only once, with no follow-up costs or fees charged to you by collecting societies such as ASCAP or BMI (see list of collecting societies within our help section).


Intuitive: The music search


At polysounds, of course you can also search for music by genre or keyword. What's more, you can conduct content-related searches by subject, without settling on one particular style of music. For added precision in your search, refine your selection using the filter functions. Simply narrow down the results of your search according to musical and emotional criteria, and you'll end up with a list of results that matches your musical needs with utmost precision.


Transparent and simple: The licensing process


With just view price categories, polysounds covers all common categories of usage at reasonable rates. Sound effects and sounds are available starting at 4.00 USD a Standard License costs 39.00 USD. Please see our price list in the menu "Help". The license is provided for an unlimited period of time. If the Standard License does not cover your planned usage, simply expand the license with one click once the title is in your shopping cart.



YouTube and Co.


When you put music to film and publish it on YouTube, Clipfish or other video portals, two rules apply: First off, you need written permission from the authors (composer and writer) or publishers. Secondly, YouTube has not yet signed agreements with the publishing rights organisations in all counties all over the world. So it even might happen that your video will be blocked by YouTube in your country if you use registered music.


Play it safe! At polysounds, you can purchase a YouTube license for 2.95 USD. That license allows you to add the music you want to your film while playing it completely safe from a legal standpoint.



Further products and services


Polysounds is a service of German based Soundarchive GmbH. Our staff looks back on over 25 years of experience in the media business. Besides polysounds, the company also offers the shop SCORBE, where you can license first-rate works, subject to royalty fees, by renowned artists. Soundarchive GmbH also operates recording studios where individual audio and musical works are produced for clients from all over Europe. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.